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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello, again. Also, a beginning and an ending.

I went on the club penguin tag on tumblr and oh my god I am so glad that the friends I made on that website 5 years ago were a heck of a lot nicer than the stuff I saw. They were all lovely. Or all stalkers, I guess I can't be sure. I'm 15 now and I haven't played since I was 11, but I do log on from time to time, and I remember and miss the people I made friends with and interacted with through this website, and I'm just really glad we didn't use tumblr because oh god we could have been scarred so bad.

That is all. Tutso no longer plays club penguin. Sadly, my friends and I grew up, and didn't stay in touch.

But if any of you guys see this (though no one follows this blog, so they probably won't) comment or something. I'd love to hear from you again. Maybe. Goodness knows if I was actually talking to children, or really creepy adults. We're all grown up now, it's crazy! I bet our blogs haven't been updated since I was in elementary school. This used to be my life, it's weird to think about it now.

I don't check my old email account, so don't bother with it. Comment here. Also, meebo shut down, so that stinks, we can't talk through that. Though I think I saved some of our chats somewhere.  You guys were from all over the world, it was cool.

Man, I hope I didn't make any friends with killers and stalkers or something.

I miss you guys. We had some fun times.

Sorry for being annoying then. I was like, nine.

Tutso, out.

I'll check the comments soon, but I wouldn't expect more posts or anything. I don't play CP anymore.

I do have a tumblr though:


This is super long for something no one will ever see. But I felt the need to write this. Closure, or something.

It's been almost 4 years since I stopped playing. Geez.


PS. This is sooo different and fancy compared to the blogger I know. I literally have not logged into this in years.

Good memories, but far in the past.

Pinkiwinki? h2omantine? I've forgotten all of your usernames. Oh, dear.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pig Rock

I brought a rock home from school today. It is a very nice rock. And it is a special rock, too. How, you ask? How is a simple rock special? Well, my rock...

Looks like a pig.

yes, you read right. a pig. remarkably so. it has a snout, 2 ears, 2 little places where eyes would be, snout holes, legs, and even a tail. it looks like it is sitting down.

and only certain people can see a pig.

some people will see.. well.. just a rock. but people with higher IQ's, aka think differently, or to use the word used in schools, gifted people, can see this pig.

i tested it. i proved it.

i asked the people who are in my P.E. class if they saw a pig. only one girl, who IS gifted but didn't want to look, didn't see the pig. (I asked gifted people and 1 non gifted person)

I continued to ask gifted people throughout the day.

I asked the principal.

Only one girl, who was not gifted, did not see a pig.

I went home and asked my sister, aunt and parents.

One of them couldn't see it, and 2 could only kind of see it.

See? I found a rock... That's a pig.

My principal said it might have come from Mars.

P.S. I do not mean to be mean by saying gifted people are smarter or something like that, i think anyone who tried to see it can. but on gifted tests, they have an inkblot thing where they ask you what you see, so i guess this is similar.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This is for all the friends that i made on the internet, to all that were nice to me and let me into their big friendly worldwide group. To the ones who talked to me, like chuckleloo, lady maryann, happyland127, bluorang, molmeg(well not as much to you cuz i still see you), Spoil Pink(Still see you too), redfooteye(not really to you either, you left acting like a jerk), pinkiwinki9, ahaze97(Of course i still know you though, you still go to my school), rizeiki, all the people who i have forgotten, and lastly and probably the most important, h2omantine.

I know that the majority of you have left (all but 2). most of you left very suddenly. it was an honor to have you as my friends. i miss you all, but i also understand that i will probably never talk to you again. i want to thank you all for being so friendly and nice. i know you may never see this, but you would really never see it if it wasn't here.

this last part is for h2omantine. 3 years, almost, we've been friends. you are probably the person whose going to see this, but the chances are slim. thanks for introducing me to almost everyone mentioned up there. there were only a couple i met through cpr. thanks for being a wonderful friend, and introducing me to what seemed to me as a giant network of so many people playing cp who knew each other, and were so nice. and thanks for being a great friend. i don't know why you left so suddenly, and didn't come back when i asked someone to tell you. but please come back. its been six months. i just wanna talk to my friend again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is NOT a place to sell your products. i mean, SERIOUSLY?!?!? do you ACTUALLY think your allowed to do that on some kids website? do you even think im allowed to buy these?
this isnt your place to advertise.
you get annoyed when others do that to you!
you not want, i not want.
i quote.
please don't.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Possible temporary templates







all my friends have left me. only one stayed. makes me so sad.


sorry! forgot to post, i've been soooo busy! here is the past month in pros and cons.

CON: my friend has gone missing for 5 months. is probably avoiding me. Sigh.
CON: I had to choose between science fair and math competition cuz they are on the same day, same time.
PRO: i got accepted to math counts, one of 3 in my grade! (is it 3? i think so. well, i beat a bunch of 7th graders. WHOO! no offense 7th graders)
CON: tons of homework.
CON: too many tests.
well yeah. not much. but a lot if i put details. don't worry, I won't bore you with my boring life.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Monkey story

Blogger tutso said...

I am a monkey that needs new glasses.

November 26, 2009 11:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So that I can teach my classes.

November 26, 2009 11:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

there were certain clashes,

December 12, 2009 9:01 PM

Anonymous snowyowl said...

and some crazy smashes,

December 12, 2009 9:02 PM

Blogger tutso said...

that broke my new glasses.

December 12, 2009 9:02 PM